Learn About Terpenes

What exactly are "Terpenes" anyway?

Terpenes are essential oils made by all plants. Terpenes are what give each plant its own unique scent, flavor and effect. 

Everywhere you go, you encounter terpenes. When you zest a lemon you smell terpenes. The smell of pine trees? It's terpenes. What you need to know is that terpenes are scented molecules that when inhaled, applied to the skin, or consumed affect how we feel.

All of our terpenes are botanically derived, meaning they are naturally occurring in plants such as flowers, trees and even fruits, and that's exactly where we get them from. Extracting terpenes can be difficult since terpenes may only compose the weight of 1-2% of dried plant matter and in some cases up to 8% in concentrates.

How are Terpenes used?

Terpenes can be added to herbs, extracts, and manufactured products in order to enhance scent and flavor.

There are many diverse applications for terpenes. It might surprise you to know that terpenes are used in the development of food flavorings, incense, cosmetic products, organic gardening products, natural medicines, and perfumes. Terpenes can be added to aromatherapy blends, diffusers, lotions, edibles, tinctures, cocktails, concentrates, plant extracts, and generally used exactly as you would use an essential oil.

Are Terpenes safe?

Terpene Mart uses only the highest quality botanically derived terpenes available to produce its signature premium blends. All of the terpenes used in the production of our blends have been identified by the FDA as  "Generally Recognized As Safe" or GRAS.

Terpenes are extremely potent and should always be diluted before being consumed, inhaled, or applied to the skin. See our FAQ for more information on dilution and mixing instructions.