What is Camphene?

Camphene is a tiny terpene with a big impact. Less commonly found than terpenes such as a-pinene, Myrcene, Linalool, and D-Limonene. It nevertheless pack a big punch. Camphene is an extremely pungent terpene and is found in many plant species. Camphene provides these plants big benefits which humans have managed to harness for our own needs.

Used often in the food, fragrance, and health industries. This ‘minor’ terpene has had a big influence on our everyday lives. The potential of Camphene for improving our lives is just now being understood with  new research showing a wide range of benefits ranging from anti-inflammatory properties, to improving cardiovascular health.

Where is Camphene found?

Camphene is a very aromatic terpene known for its strong odor. It exhibits a pungent earth musk with hints of pine. Naturally it is found in several plant species such as conifers, nutmeg, ginger, sage, and rosemary.

Camphene is a major component in plant resin and plays a major role in the protection of many species; due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

When isolated Camphene appears as a colorless crystal, with the smell of camphor(The aroma of many medicated chest rubs).

How is Camphene used?

This hard working terpene is used in many industries. Camphene is a common ingredient in topical creams, lotions and salves for much of  the same reasons it is found in plant resin, the ability to fight off nasty bacteria and fungi.

The terpene is found in many perfumes and fragrant oils due to its powerful aroma. Camphene is also commonly used in food products to improve taste and enhance smell. Due to the powerful effect of its aroma it is also commonly used in religious ceremonies. 

Newfound heath benefits of Camphene? 

Health benefits are where Camphene really pulls it weight. Its antibacterial and anti-fungal abilities are just as effective in humans as they are in plants. This little terpene also breaks down cholesterol, with several studies theorizing that habitual consumption leads to improved heart health and function.

Studies on rats have shown Camphene to have the ability to treat eczema(itchy red inflammation of the skin) and psoriasis( a condition causing scaly itchy skin). If that wasn’t enough other studies have revealed Camphene to be a bronchodilator, relieving many conditions such as bronchitis and asthma, while also having a whole host of other cardiovascular benefits.

The tiny big terpene.

Though found less often in nature, and not as utilized as the other ‘big’ terpenes. Camphene punches well beyond its weight in the benefits it provides. Thanks to new observations we are able to utilize this asset in the ways plants have for millenia, while also finding many new uses in several other aspects of industry. Though we are just scratching the surface on Camphenes potential to improve our health and daily lives; this ‘tiny terpene’ nevertheless has had a big impact in the natural world and in the modern world.

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